A fundraiser for Save The Animals Foundation at indigenous gallery

A large number of fresh tiles recently arrived at indigenous craft gallery in beautiful Cincinnati, Ohio. From October 13th through the end of the month, 20% of the purchase price of all tiles made by me will be donated to the Save the Animals foundation. Here is some of what is available:
handmade ceramic art tiles for indigenous gallery fundraiser
3"x3" handmade tiles in leaf green glaze and cobalt wash
Save the animals is a non-profit, no-kill animal shelter which has had a challenging year this year. You can help by shopping at indigenous gallery!
handmade tiles in the 2"x2" size
2"x2" handmade tiles 
I tried to include lots of animals designs in the latest shipment, for obvious reasons. But I also included lots of plants and trees
four inch by four inch handmade tiles
4"x4" handmade tiles
There are a variety of sizes of tiles available, including those pictured above as well as larger tiles in the 6"x6" and 4"x8" sizes. 
assortment of handmade tiles

You can find out more about this event on the indigenous gallery facebook page. indigenous gallery is located at 1609 Madison Rd Cincinnati, OH 45206

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