A Lighter and Brighter Bathroom

In honor of the new year and the fact that the days are now getting a little bit lighter, I am sharing these luminous bathroom photos. According to the homeowners, the previous décor was rather dark so they wanted to brighten things up, and that is exactly what they did! 

a white bathroom with handmade tiles above the sink

White glaze was selected for the tiles to match the counters and cabinets.

close up of white handmade tiles installed in a bathroom

A row of four by four inch tiles is capped by a row of one by six inch ribbon tiles. 

white handmade tile bathroom

The tiles are installed over both of the two matching sinks. They add a little bit of subtle variation without overwhelming the space. 

handmade tile bathroom subtle white glaze

All the elements work together in a very attractive way in this room. Thank you so much, M.D, for including my tiles in your project, and for taking the time to send pictures! Here is another photo of the tiles in my studio before I sent them out. 

handmade tiles in white glaze laid out on the floor in front of a woman wearing rainbow flip flops

It is SO MUCH fun for me when I get to see where the tiles I make end up! Will share photos of another bathroom with a very similar tile layout, but a different color scheme in the coming days. 


Update 1/22/22: Link to a similar installation using autumn glaze instead of white.


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