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Coming Soon: Buffalo Tile

In my last post, I said I would post some "in-progress" photos of the new 4"x4" tile I am working on for the retail shop at Frank Lloyd Wright's Graycliff Estate, which is located near Buffalo, New York. As promised, here they are:

Buffalo Handmade Tile 1

First picture: Almost finished sculpting. At this point, I showed it to my husband and he immediately said it reminded him of a Buffalo nickel, which thrilled me. Buffalo nickels (made from 1913- 1938) were a source of inspiration for this piece, but I hadn't told him. His comment felt like high praise!

Buffalo Handmade Tile 2

Second Picture: Ready to pour the plaster for the mold.

Buffalo Handmade Tile 3

Last Picture: The mold turned out nicely, with only a few tiny bubbles. I'll take it!

As soon as the mold dries, I can get busy pressing tiles. These will be available in the Graycliff Estate retail shop, as well as in our online shop. Also coming soon to the Emu Tile webstore: 4"x4" Aspen and Maple leaf tiles.