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Glorious Green Kitchen

It took about 2 months for me to complete this set of over 600 leaf green tiles. Fortunately the homeowner was willing to wait. And she was also kind enough to share pictures of the completed kitchen! 

She got the idea from this installation & I am impressed with how much it looks like the original concept, right down to the shallow condiment shelves on either side of the range:

Handmade Tile Kitchen Back-splash, Green View 1

The 1"x6" border tiles around the shelves differ from the original installation, I made a new dot design for this job:

Handmade Tile Kitchen Back-splash, Green View 2

(I smiled when I saw this picture, because I love nutiva coconut oil, too!)

Handmade Tile Kitchen Back-splash, Green View 3

Here you can see the assorted animal tiles mixed in with the field tiles. The possum, wild turkey, and raccoon were adapted to the 4"x4" size just for this installation. All the new tiles will be available in my online store soon.

Hand-made Possum Ceramic Tile

Thank you so much for sending photographs, C.S.!