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Installation Photos: A Leaf Green Hearth

It is so fun to get customer installation photos... it is always a delight to see the creative ways in which people incorporate my art tiles into their lives and homes. But I have to admit I was extra excited to get these photos, because I took pictures of these tiles before I shipped them and one of those photos is currently the cover photo on my facebook page. I see that photo almost everyday, so I was pretty curious about the finished tile project. I am so happy to know the installation turned out beautifully:

This family room looks very inviting with lots of natural wood work and a cozy warm fireplace...

Handmade Green Ceramic Tile Fireplace Surround 1

How about a close up of those art tiles surrounding the fireplace?

Handmade Green Ceramic Tile Fireplace Surround 2

Tiles pictured above are the 2"x2" chickadee, 2"x2" bat, 3"x6" cypress, and handmade field tiles, all in leaf green glaze. (Field tiles aren't listed for sale on the website, but I do sometimes make them on request.)

Handmade Green Ceramic Tile Fireplace Surround 3

I will be posting more pictures to the installation gallery soon! Thanks so much, Jeni R. for sending pictures.

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