Lost and Found Tiles

This past weekend was a working weekend here at Emu Tile.  DRU and I took the whole studio apart, then deep cleaned and rearranged it.  It was not the most fun we have ever had on a weekend, but it was so worth it.  It is like I have a new studio!  The new arrangement makes my work flow better.  And cleaner = safer in a ceramics studio.  We do have a industrial air cleaner to reduce our exposure to silica dust, but cleaning is still important.   I am very lucky to have a husband who cares enough to spend his entire weekend making my workplace healthier.  Thanks DRU.

While we were cleaning, we came across some long forgotten tiles.  I found three tiles that depict a delicate spray of tiny flowers.  I made them years ago, and for some reason at the time I didn't like how they came out.  So I used them as shims under a board that held my kiln shelves and put them out of my mind.  Seeing the long lost design again, I instantly decided I like it!  Fall is just around the corner, and these tiles remind me of the wild flowers that are abundant in Northeast Ohio right now. I definitely want to add this tile to my catalog.  Fortunately, I saved the original mold, so it will be fairly simple to start making them again.  As soon as I get some new examples made, I will add them to our web-store.  Here are pictures of the ones I found, in discontinued glazes.

I am amazed how well they held up.  They were sitting directly on a concrete floor, with hundreds of pounds of ceramic kiln furniture on top of them, and they look the same as they did the day they came out of the kiln.  Ok, they are dustier now, but they aren't scratched, chipped, or cracked.  I would say they passed this durability test!

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