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Maple Leaf Hearth

It has been far too long since I have posted installation pictures! Photographs of this lovely hearth showed up in my inbox this week, and there is no time like the present for me to share them with you. 

Handmade Tile Craftsman style hearth

The client sent this explanation for their choice of tiles:

"We tore out our old fireplace mantel/surround and I designed and built one more to the craftsman style we like. We searched forever to find the tiles that we felt would be perfect for the job.  The leaf tiles represent the three types of trees we have in our yard.  The black walnut was milled special for this job and the beam weighs 145 pounds. The hanger for the beam was perfect for this installation.  My first attempt at a fireplace, it wasn’t easy, but we love the new look!"

handmade tile craftsman hearth

I must agree, I love the new look, too! Especially the unique "pebble" floor tiles...

handmade tile craftsman hearth installation

This is clearly a house of grace and comfort. This wonderful new hearth enhances the feeling that this home is loved.

Handmade Tile Craftsman style hearth

Thank you so much to Fred and Trish K. for including my tile in your happy home, and for taking the time to send pictures!