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Mirror, Mirror... a wood shop. More of the tiles I sent out last week have been installed! The good people of Woodcreek Furniture just sent me photographs of three projects they completed using my handmade tiles: two decorative mirrors and one Arts & Crafts style wooden frame. The frame looks so right around my 6"x6" Tree of Life tile in Watercolor Blue Glaze:

Handmade Ceramic Tile in Wood Frame

Project two is a mirror that is surrounded by four of my 2"x2" animal tiles in spearmint glaze: 

Ceramic Handmade Tile Mirror 1

A close up of the animal tiles appears at the bottom of this page. Speaking of animals, I love the sweet little dog reflected in the upper right corner of the mirror.

Project three is another mirror, this one is flanked by two of my 4"x8" heron tiles, also in spearmint glaze:

Ceramic Handmade Tile Mirror 2

So there you have it, three wonderful woodworking projects. I am so pleased that my tiles are part of these amazing, heirloom quality pieces. Thanks, A.K., for sending pictures! Here is one more picture; this last one I took before sending the tiles out:

Animal Handmade Tiles

Top row, L-R: Owl, Mouse, Bat, Possum, all 2"x2" size & spearmint glaze

Bottom row: Heron facing right, Heron facing left, both 4"x8" size & spearmint glaze


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