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New Installation Pictures

You may already know this, but I love-love-love to get customer installation photos! There is a real feeling of satisfaction that comes from seeing my tiles happily settled into a new home. In a way, I don't feel that the tiles are really finished until they find their place in the world. Mostly I don't get to see where they end up, and that is ok. I understand that people are busy, and home improvement can make life even more complicated. In spite of this, every once in a while a very special and wonderful customer will take the time to send pictures of my work displayed or installed in their home, and it never fails to make my day! When you look at these hearth pictures I just received, I hope you will understand why:

Fireplace surround with hand-made ceramic tiles 1

This fireplace surround features my 2"x2" tiles in Cinnamon glaze. They are mixed among tiny marble tiles made by "Florida Tile," which you can see in this close up:

Fireplace surround with hand-made ceramic tiles 2

The color and texture of the marble blends beautifully with the Cinnamon glaze on the art tiles. The depth and richness of both are apparent in this close up:

Fireplace surround with hand-made ceramic turtle tile

I admit I am biased, but think the feature tiles are a real enhancement to this fireplace. Subtle and tasteful, but also fun and interesting.

cat tile, acorn tile, frog tile surrounding woodburning fireplace

The animals and plants featured in this hearth are native to the region in which this home is located... except maybe the cats and dogs, but I like to think of them as indigenous to homes everywhere (;

hearth with handmade tiles and marble tiles

Just lovely! Thanks so much, M.B. for sending pictures!