Ceramic Art Tile

Wood and tile, that is!  Especially tile that is glazed it our most popular glaze, Autumn.  Here are some examples of tiles inlaid in natural woodwork in a variety of settings.  First up, a lovely hearth. The homeowner incorporated five of my 4"x4" art tiles into his hand built fireplace surround. In this corner:  "Hemlock" And In this corner:  "White Pine" In the center:  "Dragonfly,"  "Tree of Life,"  "Turtle" In the same home, there is an amazing handcrafted doorway that also makes use of my 4"x4" art tiles in the Autumn Glaze: In this picture:   "Wildflower"  All of the above...

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This past weekend was a working weekend here at Emu Tile.  DRU and I took the whole studio apart, then deep cleaned and rearranged it.  It was not the most fun we have ever had on a weekend, but it was so worth it.  It is like I have a new studio!  The new arrangement makes my work flow better.  And cleaner = safer in a ceramics studio.  We do have a industrial air cleaner to reduce our exposure to silica dust, but cleaning is still important.   I am very lucky to have a husband who cares enough to spend...

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It never fails to brighten my day when a customer takes the time to send me pictures of Emu Art Tiles in installed in their home.  Seeing all of the different ways in which people display and interact with my work reminds me that the world is full of possibilities, and gives me a feeling of connectedness.   An art tile installation is a collaboration between the person who makes the tiles, the person who decides where and how to display them,  and the person who actually installs them.  Since each of these steps is equally important, it is tremendously...

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