Designer Ceramic Tile would have been WAY faster to convert seven of my most popular 4"x4" tile designs to the 2"x2" size. But it would have been way less fun, so it is probably for the best that there is no such thing as a shrink ray. If you aren't familiar with my work, these tiles I just finished sculpting probably won't look all that small to you. But to me, they look amazingly, adorably tiny. Like fun sized candy bars. I have been making most these designs for several years in the 4"x4" size, so they feel like old friends. It...

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The sun came out this afternoon. The blue sky was irresistible, so DRU and I walked downtown and then up to campus. Despite the icy wind in my face, when I looked up at the brilliant blue I could almost imagine it was a summer day. To keep the illusion going, I am going to make a new tile with a summer theme. Not that I mind the winter, mind you. I just sometimes miss warm weather things, like swimming outdoors, wearing shorts, and picking dandelions. Ok, I don't exactly pick dandilions much anymore, I mostly pull them out of...

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