Three inch sea creatures

As I mentioned in my last blog post, I recently remade some of my sea creatures in the 3"x3" size by request. It was not a small undertaking; I had to re-sculpt my old designs one by one, and then pour seven new plaster molds. The whole project was fairly time consuming. Here is a photo of part of the sculpting process:

sculpting sea life handmade tiles

After I was satisfied with how they looked, I made molds of them. Making molds is always a bit stressful, because the original is usually destroyed in the mold making process. Fortunately, all the molds turned out great, so now I am able to make hundreds of replicas of the originals. The first batch to come out of the kiln were all white:

handmade tiles coming out of the kiln

Here is a close up of some of the first set of these tiles to come out of the kiln:

white sea creature handmade tiles close up

After these shipped out, I made some more in "watercolor blue" glaze and shipped them to indigenous gallery in Cincinnati to be part of their upcoming tenth (and final) artTILE show. More on that soon!

sea life handmade tiles in blue glaze, three inch size

I am pleased with how all of these turned out, but I am especially partial to the 3"x3" sand dollar in blue:

sanddollar handmade tile in blue glaze, three inch by three inch size

Here is one last picture, with a bit of my hand in the frame for size reference:

handmade sea creature tiles, three inch size, white glaze

All of these tiles can be found in the 3"x3" tile category

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