Transition Magic

Seeing customer installation pictures never fails to make me happy, so getting these photos from Nan S. was quite a treat. She has a stairway in her home, and she wanted to increase the visual impact of this transitional space with tiles. She achieved her goal brilliantly, but not in the way you might expect.

Instead of tiling the stair treads and risers, she tiled the walls and ceiling of the stairwell. And lucky for me, she took lots of pictures:

Stairwell Handmade Tile Installation 1

The view up the stairs. Art tiles are 6"x6" Tree of Life and 4"x4" Acorn

Stairwell Handmade Tile Installation 2

The upper wall and ceiling. Love that stained glass window!

Stairwell Handmade Tile Installation 3

The angled ceiling. I think this is the first time I have seen my tiles used in a ceiling! (Birds on a Branch triptych, three 6"x6" tiles)

Stairwell Handmade Tile Installation 4

And last but not least, the other wall with 2"x2" art tiles (and one 4"x4").

This tile installation brings textures to this space which are quite lovely. The transformation was not only visual, but a tactile as well. A person can actually feel the pattern on these tiles as they walk up the stairs. For more photos and information about this installation, visit Nan's blog:

Thanks for sharing, Nan! I love how your project came out!

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