Two Pairs of Herons

The installation pictures just keep coming! Within the last few days, I received two different sets of pictures of installed 4"x8" "Heron" tiles in Autumn glaze, so I decided to post sets at the same time. The first two photos feature a wet bar:

The herons face each other in a field of white 2"x4" tiles. There are also three smaller 2"x2" feature tiles in autumn glaze that help to define the space. The homeowners designed and constructed this sweet little nook themselves. They even built these enviable cabinets: 

handmade tiles behind a wetbar

I love those old fashioned latches on the cupboards. What a neat mix of modern and traditional elements. The multicolored stone counter really ties everything together in a pleasing way. Thank you so much, E.W., for sharing photos of your project!

The next set of photos show a lovely kitchen that also features a small grouping of art tiles set among white "subway" style tiles:

handmade tiles in a kitchen backsplash

The field tiles in this installation are from "The Winchester Tile Company," with a cream crackle glaze. The homeowner can often see both cattails and herons in the wetland outside of her kitchen window, so she selected a "Cattails" tile and centered it between two "Heron" tiles. Here is a closer view of the feature tiles:

handmade tiles in ktichen backsplash with subway tiles

I am intrigued by the natural stone room divider at the end of the counter. The rugged edge where the stone and tile meet adds another subtle and unique design element to this peaceful space.

Handmade Tile Kitchen w/ Herons 3

The autumn glaze of the art tiles echoes the colors of the exposed beams and wood ceiling. This kitchen is a calm, nurturing space that contains some well-considered, surprise details which enhance the soothing vibe. Thank you so much, C.W. for taking the time to send pictures of your project! 

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