A Geometric Collection

Normally plants and animals are the inspirations for my tiles, but recently a client requested that I come up with some new geometric designs in the 2x2 and 3x3 inch sizes, so I sculpted some out of plasticine clay, which I then made molds of. Here is a picture of the sculpting process:
geometric handmade tiles in progress
Once a mold has been made, I can replicate the designs hundreds of times or more. This customer wanted their set of tile to be glazed in white, but these tiles could be glazed in any color.
small geometric handmade tiles
Not every design in this collection is completely new.  The "geometric pod" above was previously available in the three by three inch size and now it is also available in the two by two inch size as well. Ditto the "quatrefoil" design below:
quatrefoil handmade tiles
The "pointed oval" design is completely new..
pointed oval handmade tiles
...as is the "cut out cross:"
cut out cross handmade tile
I made more 2x2 inch designs than 3x3 inch ones. Here are the two inchers:
geometric two inch by two inch handmade tiles
And here are the three inch tiles:
three inch geometric handmade tiles
This was a fun little project! I am not going to give up making representational tiles anytime soon, but I have added these new nonrepresentational geometric designs to the website and I will be happy to make them for anyone who wants them. You can explore my whole collection of geometric tiles here. 

, Emily Margaret Ulm

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