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artTILE 2018 is happening now

What a thrill it is to be part of the ninth annual artTILE extravaganza at indigenous gallery in beautiful Cincinnati, Ohio! 

artTILE 2018 handmade tile showcase

The show features over 1000 tiles by 30 contemporary tile artists, including yours truly. I have participated in all 9 shows, but this year I believe I sent more tiles than ever before.

handmade tiles for artTILE 2018

Above: 2"x2" tiles, Below: 4"x4" tiles.

handmade tiles for artTILE 2018

Without a doubt, I sent more "four leaf clover" tiles than ever before...

handmade tiles featuring four leaf clovers, green glaze

The show opened on April 28th and runs until June 10th, 2018. It is open seven days a week at:

indigenous gallery 

2010 Madison Rd 

Cincinnati, OH 45208