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Dancing Eye Gallery in Northville, Michigan

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Today is the first day that Emu Tile will be available for sale at "Dancing Eye Gallery," a 20 year old art gallery located in Northville, Michigan.  Northville is a cute, walkable town approximately halfway between two cites known for handmade tiles, Detroit and Ann Arbor.  I am thrilled that my work is now being shown in the home region of both Pewabic and Motawi handmade tile companies.

The first batch of tiles I sent are mostly in the blue color range, with just a few white tiles.  Here are some of the 4"x4" size:

Handmade Tiles for in Multiple Glaze Styles

And here are some of the 2"x2"s.  The glazes are: Watercolor Blue, Celadon, Pacific Blue and White.

Various ceramic handmade tiles in different glazes

The gallery is located at 101 N. Center St., Northville, MI, or on the web at  They have a wide range of handmade items from local and regional artists. Definitely worth a visit if you are in SE Michigan!