Emu Tile at River Light Gallery in Peninsula, Ohio

About 10 years ago, my work used to be shown at the "Log Cabin Gallery" in Peninsula, Ohio. The Log Cabin is a small art gallery/ gift shop that hosts seasonal shows, complete with festive art openings for every event. Participating artists attend the openings and help staff the gallery on weekends. It was a great experience for me at the time, but as my business grew, I could no longer afford the time commitment involved in being a Log Cabin artist. That made me sad, because Peninsula is a neat town with a surprising amount of art for its size and I enjoyed being part of that. So when Diane, the owner of the Log Cabin gallery, told me she had opened a second gallery nearby which is open year round, I jumped at the chance to have my work in the very appropriately name "River Light Gallery:"

river light handmade craft gallery interior peninsula ohio

The name is perfect in part because, as you can see, the space is flooded with natural light thanks to the two walls of the gallery which are made up almost entirely of windows, including the wall that faces south. All that sunshine makes for a very uplifting shopping experience. The "river" part of the name refers to the fact that the gallery is about 400 feet from the beautiful Cuyahoga river, and just a short walk from the Cuyahoga Valley National Park. The building itself is also historically significant, since it is the oldest permanent structure in Peninsula. That is impressive given the village was settled in 1818 and has no shortage of historic buildings!

river light gallery interior from another angle

I love that this gallery sits at the intersection of nature, history, and art. The nearby national park inspired me to submit mostly tiles that feature plants and animals that can be found in the area, including these three by threes...

handmade tiles featuring insects and animals for the river light gallery in peninsula ohio

The gallery currently also has a nice selection of two by twos...

two inch by two inch handmade tiles for the riverlight gallery in peninsula ohio

This isn't all! To see the rest, you will just have to go spend a fun afternoon in Peninsula. Lucky you! The gallery is located at: 1663 Main St, Peninsula, OH 44264, and is open Wednesday through Saturday, 11am until 5 pm, and from noon until 5 pm on Sunday. Find out more at https://www.facebook.com/riverlightgallery.

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