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Goodbye, Pistachio. Hello, Gray!

I am sorry to say, one of my favorite glazes has been discontinued by the manufacturer. I still have close to a gallon of "Pistachio" glaze in the studio, but from now on I cannot get any more. For obvious reasons, we are taking it off the website as a standard glaze option. If you want a small order in Pistachio, I can probably accommodate you. A big order, not so much. The good news is, we are replacing Pistachio with a lovely new "Gray" glaze, which I have big plans for!

It is pictured above on my new, 4"x4" Diagonal Tree of Life tile. And here it is on some 2"x2" Owl tiles (alongside some spirals in Celadon glaze):

handmade owl tiles in gray glaze

Most exciting of all is how great this glaze looks on my new elephant tiles! (If you follow me on facebook, you have already seen this picture)...

handmade elephant tile

The elephant tile has NOT been added to the web-store yet. I am making them as a fundraiser for the "Big Life Foundation." The first 10 sold on the website will have 100% of the purchase price ($18 per tile) donated to this very worthy cause. After the initial 10 sell, we will donate $4 for each tile sold. I have made the first ten (they are all glazed in gray) and I am planning to post them for sale the weekend after Thanksgiving. They should be available on "Cyber Monday." I am really excited about this project and will post more about it soon!

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