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"Pretty Shower"

That was the file name of one of the three customer installation photos I received through facebook yesterday. I think that name suits all three pictures. Why have a plain shower, when you can have a "pretty shower"?

blue and green glass mosiac and white subway tile shower with art tile details

3"x6" white subway tiles with a band of blue and green glass mosaic tiles and my 2"x2" ginkgo leaf tiles in northern lights glaze.

blue and green glass mosaic and white subway tiles with art tile features

Plain subway tiles are subtle and tasteful on their own; adding a colorful band of tiles made this installation sparkle. It could also be described as a "pretty bath"! I didn't make the plain mosaic tiles or wave tiles, they came from glasstilewarehouse.com. Subway tiles are from Lowes.

blue and green glass mosaic tiles with white subway tiles and art tiles

What a treat is was to get these photos; thank you, K.C., for sharing! You rock :-)

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