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Still Life with Fire and Bunnies

A big thanks to H.U. for sharing these photos of her newly tiled hearth, along with her bunnies, Pepper and Winifred! 

She installed an assortment of plant and animal tiles in Autumn glaze, including a pair of bunny tiles as tribute to her beloved pets. (A complete list of tiles appears at the end of this blog entry.)

Handmade Tile Hearth Bunny 1

Doesn't the picture above capture an exceptionally cheery scene? A nice, warm fire with sun streaming in, along with a snuggly friend... what could be better? The next two pictures are close ups of each side of the hearth. Here is the left:

Handmade Tile Hearth Bunny 2

And here is the right:

Handmade Tile Hearth Bunny 4

The field tiles are 1”x2” Reflections in "Desert Sand" from Cepac Tile, ordered through their local tile store.  And the tiny accent tiles are off the shelf from Home Depot. Very nice combination! Here is one more picture, without the bunnies:

Handmade Tile Hearth Bunny 5

I got the nicest comment about this installation along with these pictures. She said: "It makes me happy every time I look at it.  :-)" As you can imagine, reading that really made my day! 

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