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Halloween is close, and let's look at some of our handmade art tiles that have a Halloween connection. Why handmade art tiles are fun #3. All tiles are shown in Autumn glaze which has a wide variation in colors like the changing leaves of Autumn.  The bat, has been a staple of Halloween decorations for a long time! As many of you know, these animals are beneficial, but we can't help thinking of Dracula turning into a bat. Some other animal tiles have ties to Halloween. For instance, this owl tile makes one think of a walk in the woods...

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Hand made art tile are excellent because they make a home personalized. Reason #2 of 101 reasons art tile are great.Here is a swell article found in a local Patch.com for Monrovia.The article shows some excellent pictures of historical Batchelder tiles which are very beautiful as they have the appearance of stone or perhaps something out of the Lord of the Rings. Notice in the pictures the subtle earth tone glazes. This is surely the tile of Rivendell. Yes, we here at Emu Tile like the Hobbit and Lord of the Rings.Fantastic!The full handmade tile article on Patch.com. Handmade Tiles...

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It never fails to brighten my day when a customer takes the time to send me pictures of Emu Art Tiles in installed in their home.  Seeing all of the different ways in which people display and interact with my work reminds me that the world is full of possibilities, and gives me a feeling of connectedness.   An art tile installation is a collaboration between the person who makes the tiles, the person who decides where and how to display them,  and the person who actually installs them.  Since each of these steps is equally important, it is tremendously...

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