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We Dare you to view these Scary and Cute Halloween Holiday Handmade Ceramic Art Tiles

Halloween is close, and let's look at some of our handmade art tiles that have a Halloween connection.

Bat Handmade Tile

Why handmade art tiles are fun #3. All tiles are shown in Autumn glaze which has a wide variation in colors like the changing leaves of Autumn. 

The bat, has been a staple of Halloween decorations for a long time!

As many of you know, these animals are beneficial, but we can't help thinking of Dracula turning into a bat.

Some other animal tiles have ties to Halloween. For instance, this owl tile makes one think of a walk in the woods at night and the hoot of an owl. 

Owl handmade art tile

And what would the scariest of holidays be without our feline friend, the cat. Of course for many, cats are loyal companions on a chilly fall evening; for other a symbol of Halloween. As I write this our orange, black and white calico cat approaches looking for attention. I guess she knew I was blogging about cats. 

Cat handmade tile

Eeek, a mouse!

Handmade tile, mouse

And Others...

Squid handmade tileOctopus handmade art tile

Mantis Handmade Ceramic Tile Art in Relief

Happy Halloween! 

-Emu Tile

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