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Tree of Life Kitchen

It is always a thrill to receive customer installation photos! This recently completed kitchen back splash installation features our 6"x6" "Tree of Life" handmade tile, framed by a square of marble tiles over the stove top:

handmade tile in a kitchen backsplash


The glaze used for the tree tile is slightly different than our normal white glaze. The homeowner wanted something with a warmer tone to match the rest of the tiles. Fortunately we had a glaze on hand that fit the bill. It may be hard to see the subtle color difference from these photos, so samples of this version of white glaze are available upon request.

handmade tile with a tree design

This is a wonderful example of how a it only takes a single art tile to make an impact. This Tree of Life tile, skillfully installed, makes a great kitchen even better! 

handmade tile kitchen back splash white

Thank you to P.B. for sharing pictures of your lovely kitchen!