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Two Colorful Tile Projects

My customers are such creative and interesting people! Sorting through my email archives, I came across photos of two charming and unique projects that I had not shared here yet. The first one is by K.P.

close up of handmade tile framed in reclaimed wood

She framed one of my four inch "Tree of Life" tiles in a frame of reclaimed wood. Some of the wood is painted, some is left natural. I love the little paintings on the square pieces of wood, especially the little tree on the orange background to the upper left. So sweet!

The next project was completed by J.B. She made a mosaic style frame for a large mirror:

handmade tiles surrounding a mirrow

She used a mixture of commercial tiles and handmade tiles. I especially like that she used some of my glaze samples in the project! (They are the little round tiles.) This is the first time I have seen glaze sample tiles used as "real" tiles, though there is really no reason they can't be used this way. There is another reason I love this picture, and that is the glimpse of the sunshine and green plants that are reflected in the mirror. Here in Ohio, we are in the midst of winter right now. This picture is a cheery reminder of the warmer days to come.

Thanks so much to the lovely ladies who completed these projects and sent pictures! I plan to post more customer photos from my email archive soon.