Urban Nature

Seems like I have been posting a lot of hearth photos lately! Let's mix it up and post some photos of a kitchen that proves that small is beautiful. 

handmade tiles installed in a NYC kitchen

This sweet little NYC kitchen looks out on a park, so the clients chose tiles that represent the plants and animals that they see outside their window. Nature is everywhere, even in one of the world's largest cities! 

handmade tiles arranged in an asymmetric pattern in a kitchen backsplash

They went with a fun asymmetric grouping over the range, and then sprinkled the remaining feature tiles around semi-randomly throughout the rest of the backsplash.

handmade tiles installed with subway tiles

The subway tiles are 3"x9" which works really nicely with these 3"x3" feature tiles. 

handmade caterpillar tile installed in a kitchen backsplash with subway tiles

I have a special place in my heart for New York City since I met my husband on a bus trip there. What could be more romantic that visiting art museums and riding the Staten Island ferry? It always makes me extra happy to send work to this phenomenal city. 

handmade dolphin tile installed in a kitchen

I am guessing there are no dolphins in the park outside this kitchen window, but you are never too far from salt water in New York. When you live in a smaller space, every single thing you put into your home has a big impact, so I am very honored that these tiles are such a prominent feature in this apartment. Thank you, E.D. for including my tiles in your project and for taking the time to send pictures! 

handmade tiles featuring plants and animals

Someday Darrell and I will get back to the big apple; until then it is nice to know my tiles live there year round!

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