A Warm Welcome

I was thrilled when John Burdick sent me pictures of my art work hanging at his front door. Here is the view as you approach the house:

arts and crafts home entryway

See the frame to the right of the front door? Here is what it contains:

glass roses and ceramic hand-made art tile with bamboo frame

An artistic arrangement of glass roses, bamboo, and my tiles :-) All different plants and animals are represented..

mouse, cat and tree handmade ceramic tiles

...including a whole flock of wild turkeys, which John says are plentiful in his area.

I love the creativity of this project! It really shows that tiles don't have to be limited to the kitchen, bath and hearth. Here is one more view:

arts and crafts home with handmde art tile entryway

John was kind enough to provide the following technical details of how he did it:

I attached the tile using a dollop of PL polyurethane adhesive available at both Home Depot and Lowes.  The tile was set with the piece lying flat and installed after it cured for a few days.  Though I have used it for many construction projects with great success, nearly all have been interior or protected exterior situations.  In [my] region, we don't get prolonged freezing conditions.  With that said,  I believe a premium tile thinset with an acrylic additive would also work well in most locations. 
Here are a few extra details of the project.  I wanted it to be removable, so I started with a 1/4" Hardie tile backerboard (~ 3' x 5') and glued stucco base-coated foam trim to the perimeter to match the house.  Next came a layer of stucco for the backerboard and joints followed by paint.  The bamboo vase was a project in itself, with bamboo from my back yard and again the PL stuff. Believe it or not, the hammered copper bands are old freon lines from a replaced HVAC system pounded flat and textured.  The vase has a wooden back which was both glued and then screwed from the back, due to the weight of the glass flowers.  The project sits on a ~30" section of 1/8" thick L steel stock and is held in place at the top with two "Z" brackets.  All the metal was secured to the house's stucco wall with split metal anchors.
Thanks so much, John!!

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