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Birds and Leaves

This bathroom sink features a "Birds on a Branch" triptych and two field tiles set as a back splash.

Handmade tile as a bathroom sink back splash

These tiles were specially made with a "bull nose" or slightly rounded edge on the top the the right and left sides. The glaze is "Celadon." The wall color, and even the soap, are similar in color to the handmade tiles. 

The shower also features handmade tiles. For the shower, the homeowners selected tiles in the same glaze, but in a smaller size. You can see a close up of one of these two inch by two inch tiles at the top of the page. 

handmade tile in a shower

It is neat how they used subway tiles, but installed them vertically instead of horizontally. It puts a distinctive twist on a classic look. You also have to love that recessed shampoo shelf. 

Here is a close of of the two inch tiles before they were installed:

small handmade tiles depicting plants and animals

And here is one more picture that shows the whole shower:

shower with handmade feature tiles

Thank you so much, Nancy S. for taking the time to share pictures of your lovely bathroom! I am delighted to see what you have done with the tiles.