More tile sets

Two new tile sets have been added to the online store. Both are customer-requested variations on this popular set: 

6"x6" Tree of Life Ceramic Handmade Tiles With 1" Border - Autumn Glaze

(the 6"x6" Tree of Life with 1" border)

The first variation is just a slightly smaller version of the original. Here is the smaller version with my hand in the frame for size reference:

handmade tile set featuring a tree of life with a border

(The 4"x4" Tree of Life with 1" border)

The original version is approximately eight inches by eight inches total, while the smaller version is only six inches by six inches, not including grout joints.

The next variation is a little more daring, as it turns the 6"x6" tree of life tile on the diagonal:

tree of life handmade tile set

(Diagonal 6"x6" Tree of Life Tile with 1"x1" Border)

Both of these new sets are available in the online store (links above). Coming soon: a smaller version of the diagonal set!


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