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New more Social and Mobile Handmade Tile Website Coming to EmuTile - Check it out soon!

Seems like we just updated the website, but it has been two whole years and technologies are always changing! So besides the new more efficient kilns, which save electricity and perform all around better, and the other upgrades to the studio work-space we will be launching a new version of the Emu Handmade Tile website in the next few months. (See: Drupal)

The main improvement is that the new site is responsive and will work better with mobile devices. We are working on putting some other nice things into the site to make it easier for people to use, and we are looking at ways to provide more content about handmade tile for those who are interested. And we're always looking at privacy/security issues that are so important today.

We (using the royal 'we', as all tiles are designed, and handmade by crafts-person Emily herself) have had fun making thousands of handmade tiles at for eight years now, and here's to at least eight more years! 

The question remains, what is the best way to build a site these days. is a Drupal made custom web application but people are increasingly using Wordpress as well as off-the-shelf systems like Shopify or Squarespace. For us the choice is pretty clear due to the new features we want to include into the site to provide more information resources for ceramic handmade tile in general. But the answer to what we eventually use will be left for another blog entry when the new site is launched.

-Webmaster at EmuTile