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It never fails to brighten my day when a customer takes the time to send me pictures of Emu Art Tiles in installed in their home.  Seeing all of the different ways in which people display and interact with my work reminds me that the world is full of possibilities, and gives me a feeling of connectedness.   An art tile installation is a collaboration between the person who makes the tiles, the person who decides where and how to display them,  and the person who actually installs them.  Since each of these steps is equally important, it is tremendously...

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On my wish list for a while now has been a test kiln that would hold just a small number of tiles.  As the name implies, it would be great for testing a new glaze, clay or firing technique.  In my situation, having one would also enable me to get certain orders in the mail more quickly while saving energy.   Sometimes I get a small order the day after I do one of my normal firings, and then my choices are either make the customer wait for my next scheduled firing, or to fire a large kiln that is only...

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We are happy to announce that our new website is now up and running.  Darrell and I are still in the process of adding features and content, but we both agree that it is already way better than the old website.  Our new and improved site runs on the open source content management system, Drupal, and it has many new features that we find exciting. For starters, we can blog right on EmuTile.com.  From now on, I will post entries here instead of at my old blog. My favorite feature of the new site is that product pages show thumbnails of each...

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